Search Process

Our experience indicates that the prospect of a successful hire is significantly enhanced when we collaborate with our clients in a well thought out and carefully defined process of search execution.



Position Description, Research & Recruitment

In collaboration with our client, Kelly & Company prepares a position specification that reflects the responsibilities of the position, the career opportunity, and, the experience and competencies required.

In collaboration with our client, a target list of companies where the preferred candidate might be working is prepared and research and recruitment begins.



Recruitment & Assessment

Potential candidates are screened by telephone and appropriate candidates are interviewed in person to assess their suitability.

Once we identify an appropriate candidate, a comprehensive profile that provides in-depth information as to the candidate’s background and relevant experience is prepared.

Search progress is discussed with our client on a weekly basis.



Client Interviews and Follow-up

Interviews will be scheduled; feedback will be collected and communicated; issues will be discussed and resolved; and, appropriate and interested candidates will be advanced to the next round.

Research, recruiting, and assessment to identify additional appropriate candidates continues.



Final Interviews

As the focus narrows to one or two individuals, Kelly & Company performs the final stages of due diligence.

In addition to the confirmation of information regarding current employment, we perform extensive reference checks and present our findings in writing.